We employ a fixed rate for regular activities. Depending on your corporate structure and activities, this includes:

  • Processing administration;
  • We fill out and file VAT returns;
  • Payroll administration;
  • Annual accounts;
  • Income tax returns;
  • Corporate income tax returns;
  • Periodic overview of results;
  • The identification of important issues in the entrepreneurial field.


Our packages are divided into two price ranges: Standard or premium.

Pay attention: fees are including bookkeeping software. There is no need to buy your own software license.


Small one-man business without personnel (less than 50 sales and purchase invoices per year) with income tax returns €1000 excl. VAT

One-man business without personnel/general partnership between €1000 and €2,500 excl. VAT per year.

One-man business with personnel/general partnership between €1000 and €3,000 excl. VAT per year.

Holding B.V. with only a participating interest €500 excl. VAT per year.

Holding B.V. with DGA and management invoices. We arrange the management fee invoices for the year and make sure the ‘paper flow’ keeps going. Between €850 and €1,750 excl. VAT per year.

Work B.V., depending on the number of invoices, bank mutations and complexity €2,000 – €7,000 per year.

The standard package includes all regular activities. We take care of your administrative and tax obligations.

The standard package includes all regular obiligations, like annual accounts, publicationreport, minutes of meeting, corporate and/or personal income tax returns and VAT returns. We take care of your administratieve and tax obligations.

Invoicing is monthly. The fee is a subcription and will be monthly transferred automatically to our bankaccount. This means no large amounts for bookkeeping in 1 invoice but small periodic amounts and you have no worries about payments.



With this option we check electronic assessments, examine tax policies, identify matters of interest and provide room to discuss these. We contribute ideas about the future by means of forecasts in results and cash flow. We are in regular personal contact and act as a sparring partner and external controller.

Depending on the size of your company and your wishes, the rate is between €500 and €5,000 excl. VAT extra per year.


Everything is customised with us, come and visit us for a no-obligation chat.