Here you’ll find some references from our customers.

'I have been working with Amolé for a number of years via my company Kerstens Wijnkopers. They are very pleasant and skilled people – fast, accurate, and helpful. This year Amolé assisted me with the purchase of; they did a great job! There ended up being quite a few obstacles. These were, however, flawlessly navigated thanks to the enormous efforts of Mariëtte and Kees. In addition, our bookkeeping is very healthy again thanks to them, and the links between the website and bookkeeping work well; now it's ready for the future. A lovely company, pleasant people, strongly recommended for every SME.'
Marnix Kerstens (Vinumworld BV
'I've been with Amolé for a few months now but it feels like longer. It feels familiar and reliable; they are professional and I feel I have the right partner for my company when it comes to tax matters.'
Jerrel van Eer
CRMSolver BV
'Amolé doet ook aan koude acquisitie en ik ben gebeld door Femke. Het klikte meteen in het gesprek.

Ik was zelf nog zoekende naar een belastingadvies- en administratiekantoor (ik ben zelf in 2013 begonnen) heb ik het aan Amolé gegund.

De ervaring tot nu toe is dat zij netjes, accuraat en snel werken. Het is een klein bureau, hebben veel aandacht voor de klant en werken hard.

Ja, ik zou ze aanbevelen, dit heb ik ook al gedaan.'
Arnaud Heijmerink
Eigenaar De Gouden Ton
'Amolé has provided us, as owners of a so-called "small business", with extremely correct and adequate financial support. The suitability of the actions they’ve thus far undertaken to unravel the complexity our finances were in deserves respect. As an advisor, Amolé has provided us with professional service, with the latest knowledge and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. We are therefore very satisfied and recommend Amolé as a service advisor for small and medium-sized businesses.'
Frits Bonhof
Booij Holding BV
'In turbulent economic times, we got to know Mariëtte and Kees's firm as a decisive one, one with its finger on the pulse. The crisis created a difficult time for us and, due to a number of administrator role changes, we did not always have a clear overview with regard to responsibilities. They had everything on track in no time at all, came up with good advice and made sure that the mistakes that had been made at our previous accountant/accountancy office could be partly reversed. Our payroll administration has also been taken over, so now everything runs much better and there is a clear overview. Mariëtte also monitors our administration on a 3-monthly basis, so that our financial accounts are closely monitored. In the past we worked with a large agency, where you are just a number; there are enormous advantages in being with a smaller organisation with short lines of communication. This is reflected in the service, the personal approach and the clear vision. Mariëtte & Kees also think beyond the field of work (unsolicited yet wanted). They think outside of the box or point out issues that can be done better. They also don’t mind putting in extra hours to get things done on time. 
They are truly interested in our company and the ups and downs, and that makes working together so enjoyable.'
Mark Valentin en Jessica Haije
Directie Kids & zo
'Last year I came into contact with Mariette and Kees after there were some uncertainties about my administration at my then accounting office (with regard to the Reisbureauregeling, travel agency VAT regulations). After a very open/clear and informal first conversation I switched to Amolé. Kees and Mariette are very knowledgeable, and in areas where they’re not experts, they know how to find the right advice; it’s all very professional. You can really tell it’s their own business... they truly care about their customers and cooperate well with them.

As for the benefits of Amolé:

  • Clear price agreements with a fixed rate, so it is clear what to expect in terms of costs
  • Easily accessible for questions and an informal atmosphere

If I'd heard of Amolé earlier, I'd have let them handle my administration from the start.'
Marielle Outshoorn
VIP Tours Holland
'Ik werk sinds de start van Amolé BV met Mariëtte en Kees. Naast mijn particuliere aangifte inkomstenbelasting verzorgen zij de jaarlijkse aangifte van mijn stamrecht Ltd. Het contact met hen is steeds zeer persoonlijk en toch zakelijk. Als er een probleem is, zoeken ze proactief naar een oplossing. Ze leveren professionele kwaliteit tegen een zeer redelijke prijs.'
Marcel Vergeer
Den Haag
'We came into contact with Amolé in 2013 via our payroll administration office AK-Saldo, with which Amolé works. We chose Amolé because of the total package. Amolé is a one-stop shop. If they don't have something in-house, they simply refer to a partner in their network. Right from the start, Amolé supported us excellently with our reorganisation and with a strong strategy for the future. Amolé's working method consists mainly of short lines and straightforward communication. They advise, contribute ideas (pro-actively) and are very committed. We're very happy about that. Furthermore, we believe that Amolé excels at thinking ahead, has the right knowledge and is highly enterprising by knowing when to offer its customers information or by unburdening them. 
Yes, we will definitely recommend them to others.'
Caroline Kramer
Eigenaresse Decon consultancy
'Amolé was recommended to me after seeking out advice. I felt welcome with my complex situation from the very start. They asked many excellent questions and advice was provided at every step of the way. They were honest at times when there was a lack of clarity and offered solutions immediately. This has not only made my business less complex, but has also allowed me to continue to focus on my businesses with peace of mind, leaving the financial arrangements to the experts. I suspect that any doubts you may have about the choice of a tax and administration firm will evaporate in a good - no-obligation - conversation with either Mariëtte or Kees.'
Martijn Schirp
Schirp BV & High Existence
'he first impressions we had of tax consultancy and administration firm Amolé were the personal attention, cordiality, openness, extensive work experience and thorough professional knowledge. These were the reasons we opted to work with Amolé. Which turned out to be the right decision. The sincere engagement, professional approach and advice, along with their personal dimension, make Amolé a unique tax consultancy and administration firm. Mariëtte and Kees are both very reliable and committed, and can be fully entrusted with any administration issues. Amolé has become a strong part of our company and we can recommend Amolé to any company looking for a responsible and reliable tax consultancy and administration firm.'
With compliments,
N. Lam
Voormalig eigenaar Oriëntaals Kantonees Restaurant, Golden City, Huizen
'I got in touch with Mariëtte through my wife, who has a beauty salon/permanent make-up salon at home, and my son, who created the Amolé logo. One thing led to another. I was dissatisfied with my old accounting firm and told Mariëtte my story. Things clicked right away and at Amolé, an agreement is an agreement. I like that. Kees and Mariëtte took over the company’s bookkeeping. It worked right away, without any hiccups. Right is right etc. etc. They are willing to tackle an issue and do what needs doing, which is precisely what you are looking for as an entrepreneur. 
It allows you to confidently do your own thing and let Kees and Mariëtte do theirs. This is wonderful, and I’m a satisfied customer. That's also why you can recommend them to others. (Of course this may have a drawback. If they get too many customers, they may lose contact with old customers who were used to more attention). But I want the best for them, I’m happy with Kees and Mariëtte.'
Rob Manvis
Pavex International BV
'Kees and Mariëtte came by the shop to introduce themselves. They told me they often do this in order to interest potential clients in their firm. An advantage of this approach is that the customer has therefore already put a face to a name. For me, their price was enough of a reason to switch anyway. My administration was housed at a large agency and this cost more and more money, while the number of hours of outsourced work was constantly decreasing. Amolé does the annual accounts, the VAT returns and the income tax returns. I do the bookkeeping myself. If I have any questions, I can always call. Problems are solved quickly. Amolé is good at what it does and it believes in its product. There are very knowledgeable and bold but also friendly and approachable. They've relieved me of a lot of stress of all the administrative issues, at a great price. 
In any case, I will never go to another administration/accountancy firm again. I'd certainly recommend them.'
Mieke du Crocq
Eigenaresse Meer dan Goed
'I was looking online for a firm with financial, tax and administrative expertise, one that also offers a good service. The Amolé team scores high on all points. The price/quality ratio is also very good in the custom work that is delivered. With Amolé I have a team of experts behind me that constantly contributes ideas and that pays attention to the issues that play a role in my company.'
Jeroen de Vogel
Beheerder Stichting Les Aan Huys