The AAP Foundation has existed for a very long time. Founded in Amstelveen in the 1960s by Okko and Riga Reussien who housed their first monkey in their own home. More monkeys and exotic animals would go on to find shelter at their home. As this became unaffordable at a certain point, the AAP Foundation was founded on 14 April 1972 to raise funds. The AAP Foundation moved to Almere in 1996 because it needed more shelter space. 

Mariëtte Bos, the owner of Amolé, used to live in Amstelveen and was occasionally involved in the AAP Foundation. This affinity resulted in Amolé’s support for the AAP Foundation. Many exotic animals don’t live in good conditions. Due to illegal trade, private individuals without the necessary knowledge who keep monkeys, and exploitation (lions, bears, monkeys) in the event business, many animals have been severely neglected and mistreated. The AAP Foundation provides professional care for them. The aim is to nurse the animals back to health and resocialise them so that they can be re-homed in a suitable location. Renowned animal parks regularly prove to be good homes for re-homed animals. 

Amolé believes the Foundation’s work is very important, which is why Amolé supports the AAP Foundation on a monthly basis with a contribution. In addition, it also donated two tablets which are used to study animal behaviour. In 2020 a monkey will be financially adopted.


Linda will be ‘adopted’ on 1 January 2020. Chimpanzee Linda was taken away from her mother as a baby and smuggled into Spain. There she had to undergo being photographed in excessively tight clothes alongside well-paying tourists. When Linda grew up and began to resist, she was locked in a small barn. After years of loneliness she was able to make the move to the AAP Foundation, where she, as a social animal, is able to enjoy a life with peers.