What we do for our customers

Our regular activities carried out as part of the fixed rate include: Processing administration; VAT, income and corporation tax returns; payroll administration; annual accounts; periodical overview and results; and the identification of the important points in the entrepreneurial field.

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Fixed rate (standard or premium) for regular activities. See rates for the package


We always indicate activities not included in the fixed rate. Our rate is customised.

This was our vision in 2012, and little has changed. Except for the fact that we’re getting better at our mission:

Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs in all things legislative and regulative. We sound the alarm in good time if tax regulations that are important to you change. We enjoy contributing ideas with regard to cars, financing, margins and tax matters. You want to be able to make the right decision based on good information. 

Why? Because we want to make the difference between saying and doing. Because it makes us happy to see our customers grow and succeed. We believe in sharing our knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs. Your figures are our concern.

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