Tax consultancy, bookkeeping and annual accounts. Many an entrepreneur can scarcely suppress a yawn. You get excited about your business! Your goal is a quality product and excellent service. But when it comes to bookkeeping and tax issues? Leave that to Amolé!

For whom?

Our customers are in the SME sector. Entrepreneurs without personnel or with a workforce of up to about 50 people. Legal forms can be diverse, from sole proprietorships to private limited companies.


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Are you an entrepreneur without personnel and do you conduct your business as a one-man business, a partnership or general partnership?

What’s our process?

We start with the basics: bookkeeping. This is processed in cloud-based software. Want to keep an eye on things? It goes without saying that you retain access to your bookkeeping. Individual receipts and invoices are easily sent over to bookkeeping. 

Invoicing? We help you set this up, including with reminders and ideal payments. If you work with a cash register, we have a system that allows you to easily enter data and send it to bookkeeping.  

For quick notifications in between, we use WhatsApp. 

Prefer email? No problem. We also pay visits. Our maxim is that seeing an entrepreneur’s activities makes advising much more effective.  

So what exactly do we do?

We process your bookkeeping. We check on margins; results; turnover; accounts receivable and accounts payable management; VAT percentages and costs.

We keep an eye on VAT in our calculations, so that your tax return is never a surprise. We give you insight into the current results as well as those of last year. Given the importance of keeping an eye on all the costs, we guide you through it. It is important to us that you get good results and that there’s money left after payments. We keep our finger on the pulse regarding the income tax due. 

In many cases, it is not necessary to draw up annual accounts for the tax authorities. This is indicated in detail on the income tax return. But if you are a partner in a general partnership or partnership, annual accounts are a good idea. The tax declaration only shows the share in the company. 

We fill out VAT and income tax returns.

Advice, including fiscal advice (a selection from the range we offer): entering and leaving the company; company cars; choice of legal form; loan agreements; assistance with financing applications. 

We have an extensive network of specialists. If we don’t have the answer to something, someone in our network will. 


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